1305683772.jpgHanna Klein takes the bronze, photo by European Athletics

1305467583.jpgHolly Archer takes silver in 1,500m, after being disqualified, photo by European Athletics


Elise Vanderelst takes the 1,500m gold, photo by European Athletics

In a race that was totally championship indoors, the women's 1,500m was quite satisfying, especially when Holly Ache was reinstated. This is Stuart Weirs' 5th piece on day 2!

1305687892.jpgMarya Bekh-Romanchuk goes 6.92m, taking the gold, photo by European Athletics

1305686381.jpgMalaika Mihambo takes silver with her 6.88m, photo by European Athletics

1305689121.jpgKhaddi Sagnia takes the bronze, photo by European Athletics

The women's long jump was an amazing competition on Day 2. The last round had a huge 6.92m jump by Marya Bekh-Romanchuk, taking the lead from Malaika Mihambo, who had led with her 6.88m, until the big leap. Stuart Weir wrote his 4th piece of the day on the women's LJ, an exciting competition.

1305697415.jpgAngelica Moser takes gold! photo by European Athletics

1305680345.jpgHolly Bradshaw, photo by European Athletics

The women's pole vault was mesmerizing on Day 2! The drama was always there, as it is in the pole vault. Stuart Weir wrote this piece as his third piece on day 2 of the 2021 European indoor championships.

1305677960.jpgEllie Baker, 800m semi, photo by European Athletics

1305471636.jpgKeely Hodgkinson, photo by European Athletics

This is the second piece by Stuart Weir on the amazing day 2 in Torun! This piece is about the 800m semis!

HME_06032021_fot.PawelSkraba_130.jpgMondo Duplantis, made PV on Sunday, photo by European Athletics

1305685491.jpgOscar Husillos takes the 400m! photo by European Athletics

1305687538.jpgFemke Bol takes the 400m! photo by European Athletics

What an incredible Saturday! The 2021 EA Indoor Champs has had amazing distribution on the medals, with 14 counties now represented!

This is story 1 in six today by Stuart Weir, and he begins with an excellent one!

I used this workout to see how tough I was. I did it on a baseball Diamond, and sometimes a soccer pitch. Ealy in the season, this workout was a good one. Enjoy.

Cabral_Donn-Texas21.jpgDonn Cabral, Craig Engels, 5000m, photo by Kevmofoto

Saturday: warm-up (1 mile easy, stretch), 20 x 45 seconds, at 1600m pace, 2-minute jogging, on trails, cooldown.

1305462695.jpgJodie Williams, photo by European Athletics

This is update on day 1 by EME News on some exciting notes on day one.

This is the updated version of the Men's 1,500m piece. As editor (that's me, Larry Eder), I decided to post both pieces. The Men's 1,500m happened in real-time and the rule is, well, one that makes athletics look silly. The athlete was captured on a photo showing the happiness of winning and must have experienced something less than positive on the DQ.

Indoor athletics is like roller derby anyway, and with 13 middle-distance runners on a 200m track, in a championship event, physical entanglements will happen. 13 middle distance runners on a 200m track going at 3:54 mile pace mean that someone could go down.

Jakub Ingebrigtsen could have gone down, he did not. He did not impede the athletes or gain an advantage. Hopefully, officials can see the video and note that Jakub was not in any way doing something wrong, he was doing what we all want to see him do: compete with emotion and power.

And that, he did.

1305540995.jpgJakub Ingebigtsen leads the Men's 1,500m, photo by European Athletics

1305541152.jpgJakub Ingebigtsen takes the Men's 1,500m, photo by European Athletics

1305541851.jpgJakub Ingebrigtsen takes the Men's 1,500m, photo by European Athletics

This is the original piece on the Men's 1,500m, when Jakub Ingebrigtsen was disqualified at the end of the race, due to a lane violation. We will post the second version next.

1305538887.jpgAmy-Eloise Markovic takes gold in 3000m, photo by European Athletics

1305538995.jpgAmy-Eloise Markovic and Verity Ockenden, photo by European Athletics

The women's 3000m showed two Bits in the top 3, ad 3 Bits in the top 4, as Stuart Weir updates us on the event!

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