Grant Holloway .jpg Grant Holloway, photo by Kirby Lee / Track and field Images

Can not wait to see Grant Holloway race again!

US sprinters in Metz


Nice to see 3 Americans in Metz.

Now, how do I get there when I'm in Wisconsin? How will the border authorities in Europe think my alibi that I must see indoor athletics

be taken?

Also, Mike Rodgers is not only an exciting athlete to watch race but also a avorite interview subject. Check out this one, done in Madrid Indoor

in 2019:

mike-rodgers-.jpgMike Rodgers, photo via You Tube



2020-03-30-tokyo-thumbnail-02.jpgTokyo 2020, photo by IOC

5bd5bb93-5fb0-4177-8876-06bab6e12e00.jpgTokyo Olympic Stadium, photo by IOC

What is happening in Tokyo?

It changes by the minute....

Zango 17.05, PML 7.54


Friday is an easy day. Keep it easy. Keep it light. The body needs to stay healthy.

DSC02736.jpgShelby Houlihan and Nikki Hiltz, 2019 USA Outdoor Champs, 1,500m, photo by Courtney White

Friday, Jan. 22, 2021 : light run, 30 minutes easy pace, stretch, 2 x 150 m stride-outs, light cooldown.

The Olympics is a close to a global religion that we actually have.

Sports transcends the activity and it gives many something to cheer about. And the seven billion people on this planet, having dealt with the pandemic in 2020, would sure like to see an Olympics in 2021. The sad thing is, with current medical knowledge and innoculations, it may be impossible to hold the Olympics without a huge loss of life.

Tokyo Olympic Stadium .jpgTokyo Olympic stadium photo by World Athletics

The issue is this. Can Tokyo hold an Olympics, with COVID 19, and the challenges we currently have? The IOC is steadfast, with Thomas Bach saying 'it will happen'. So does Seb Coe, head of Wold Athletics, qualifying that it will 'happen in some form". Yet, up to 80 percent of the people in Japan have noted that they would like to see it cancelled in 2021.

The athletes want to compete, as they have been waiting almost a year now.

What does the IOC do?

unnamed.jpgphoto by Organizers

This is the new 2021 LABEL ROAD RACE CALENDAR, which shows a plethora of events that will hopefully be held in 2021.

IMG_3389.jpgVashti Cunningham, Des Moines 2018 USA Champs, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts


Vashti Cunningham, Des Moines 2018 USA Champs, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

The American Track League is a big deal. It gives track geeks a chance to see athletics and athletes a chance to compete. The opening meet will have women's HJ and men's 400m among the six events.

To learn more about the American Track League, please see our interview with Paul Doyle, the impressario at American Track League:

This is Hill day #2. Hills build us many ways. The key is to stay consistent, and to take the easy days easy and hard days hard. Stay aware.

DSCN1495.JPGCross country running in Kenya, photo by Justin Lagat / Kenyan athlete

Thursday, Jan. 21, 2021: warm up (1 mile easy, stretech), Hill day #2 , 35 minutes run, on trails, includes two long hills (3-5 minutes), cooldown.

Andrew Pozzi Part 2


This is part 2 on Andrew Pozzi, GB's top 110 hurdler, by Stuart Weir, our European senior editor. Stuart Weir helps us appreciate the 2020 season that Andrew Pozzi had and what he was expecting.

117431714_622763438651869_1309086397971793087_n.jpgOrlando Ortega, Andrew Pozzi, photo by 2020 Monaco Diamond League

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