Emma Coburn is the 2016 Olympic bonze medalist in the steeplechase. In 2017, Emma shocked many, and brilliantly took the gold in the steeplechase in London, leading a 1-2 finish by the Americans.

In 2019, in Doha, Emma Coburn took the WC silver, giving her 3 medals in her last 3 global championships!

Jeff Benjamin interviewed Emma Coburn on this piece.

Thanks Emma!

image0.jpegJeff Benjamin and Emma Coburn, photo by Jeff Benjamin

IMG_1753.jpgDonavan Brazier, 2020 NBGP, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Donavan Brazier had a strong opener at 800m outdoors. Hitting the 400m in 50.8, Donavan went 53 seconds in the second lap, to take the WL in 1:43.84. Amazingly, his second lap was totally even, 26.5 in both 200m.

Josh Kerr, who took 6th in Doha 2019 WC with a PB 3:32.52, went 3:34.53 in 1,500m, taking the World leader.

As a kean observer told me, upon viewing the meet, "pretty good meet, considering the meet only had athletes from half of Oregon."

Books 101: Eric Liddell


1922 Uni race second from left.jpgEric Liddell, 1922 race

Chariots of Fire movie.jpgChariots of Fire movie

Liddellaction.jpgEric Liddell

Eric Liddell was an amazing athlete, having taken gold in the 1924 Olympics in the 400m. The movie, Chariots of Fire, was made about Mr. Liddell and Harold Abrahams, the 400m and 100m champions in 1924, both competing for Great Britian.

Stuart Weir did the reviews below on books on Eric Liddell.

Throws are highly emotional events.

I love to watch the throws.

Valarie Allman achieved the athlete's dream with this life changing throw.

valaie allman.jpgValarie Allman, photo by Spikes/ World Athletics

In 2018, Valarie Allman won the US Championships. She competed in the London 2017 (28th) and Doha 2019 (7th). A seven time All-American, Valarie competed for Stanford University.

How big is this? It is huge for American throwing! Valarie Allman is only the third women thrower over 70 meters in the last ten years! We wish Valarie Allman well and hope to interview her soon!

Special shout out to Oiselle, who is the sponsor of Valarie Allman, and who was quite excited about Ms. Allman's 3 meter PB! We look forward to seeing Valarie compete in the global champs in the future.

Sunday is about the long run. In high school, long runs can go 60-90 minutes. In college, 90 minutes to 2 hours. As a serious road racer, I would suggest 2 hours, 2:20 hours and 2:30 hours, on a 3 week cycle.

Long runs build strength, endurance and confidence. They should be a part of each weeks' training.

grwtchuzyxk275f1a7fd64c091.jpgAfter his silver in the 1972 Olympic 1,500m, Kip Keino took the steeplechase, with Ben Jipcho in silver and Tapio Kantenan in bronze, photo by Olympic Channel

Sunday, 2 August 2020: Long runs, 70-75 minutes

Luic Gasch.jpgLoic Gasch, photo by digitaljournal.com

Loic Gasch equalled the World best in the high jump in 2020 with his excellent 2.30m clearance. Loic came just 1 cm short of the Swiss national record! His PB had been 2.27m prior to his jump.

Mariya Lasitskene1.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by You Tube

Mariya Lasitskene won the Beijing 2015, London 2017, Doha 2019 WC gold medals at high jumps. Mariya Lasitskene won gold at the WC Indoors at Sopot 2014 and Birmingham 2018. She also won the Euoropean Indoor WC in Prague 2015 and Glasgow 2019. Mariya also won the silver at the European Championships Outdoors in Zurich 2014 and gold at the the European Championships Outdoors in Berlin 2018.

Suffice to say, Mariya Lasitskene has won most things under the global champs sun since 2014 (she was 11th in U23 the European Championships Outdoors in 2015, and 2nd in the 2014 European Championships Outdoors.

But, in 2020, she can not compete, because she is a citizen of Russia, and Russia is not on the World Athletics' gift list, at this time. Well, unless $6.31 million shows up in Monaco by August 15, 2020, courtesy of the Russian Athletic Federation.

benjipcho1.jpgBen Jipcho and John Davies, 1974 Commonwealth Games, steeplechase (Ben Jipcho won the event), photo by Scottish newspaper

Justin Lagat did this piece on Ben Jipcho's death and the challenges that Kenyan Olympic medalists see in their later years...

zl3UIWZC7D5ADrIH.jpgSeb Coe, photo by World Athletics

How will athletics deal with the pandemic in 2021? Seb Coe and WA are making alternate plans...

Enjoy the speed play today. Take it one section at a time, and stay on task. Isolated, Use a mask, and stay healthy.

DSC00224.jpgEmily Sisson, 10,000m, photo by Cortney White

Saturday: warm up, Fartlek, 1 August 2020: 5 minutes at 5k pace, 5 minutes easy, 4 minutes at 5k pace, 4 minutes easy, 3 minutes at 5k pace, 3 minutes easy, 2 minutes at 5k pace, 2 minutes easy, 30 minutes, 10 x 1 minute, 5 k pace, 2 minutes easy, cooldown.

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