The long run is a key staple in all distance training. Keep this run at a good pace, but one that you keep up a bit of conversation.

TRIALS_DAY7_CORTNEYW-03945.jpgEmily Sisson built her strength for 10,000m with weekly long runs, photo by Cortney White

Sunday: Long run, 65-75 minutes, at a conversational pace

RunBlogRun presents

USATF Pre-Olympic Games

Press Conference Questions

from Larry Eder clip


Ryan Crouser, Shot Put, Sam Kendricks, Pole Vault, Tara Davis,

Long Jump, JuVaughn Harrison, High Jump & Long Jump,

Keni Harrison, 100m Hurdles


Crouser_Ryan-W1b-OlyTrials21w.jpgRyan Crouser, shot put, photo by Kevin Morris

This conference was done, as was the one on July 21, 2021. This event was held on July 22, 2021. I asked one question: I asked Ryan Crouser, Sam Kendricks, JuVaugh Harrison, Tara Davis, and Keni Harrison to describe their events for Olympic fans who would see the event for the first time. All were good, but Ryan Crouser was, well, amazing!


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This is your longest tough workout of the week, get into it!

TRIALS_DAY1_CORTNEYW-04345.jpgThe Men's 800m heats, photo by Cortney V White

Saturday: warm-up, 60 minutes run in a park, moderate pace, with ten-minute hilly runs during the run, cooldown

hugues fabrice zango  .jpgHugues Fabrice Zango, photo by Spikes mag / World Athletics

It was on 16 January 2021, in Aubierre, that the talented Hugues Fabrice Zango became the first man over 18 meters in the triple jump indoors.

In Tokyo, next week, Hugues wants to add to the medal count in the TJ of his country. Hugues won the bronze in Doha in the TJ, and Will Claye and Christian Taylor praised his talents.

Watch for Hugues in Tokyo!

RunBlogRun presents

Socialing The Distance

with Larry Eder

Featuring Grant Holloway,

60m Hurdle Indoor World Record Holder

110 Hurdle World Outdoor Leader

This new Socialingbthe Distance is with Grant Holloway. Just a few minutes after Grant's victory at the 110m hurdles, he did his victory lap with Devon Allen and Daniel Roberts. We decided to do another interview. With his travels, we put the interview together on July 19. In this interview, we covered a myriad of topics. Enjoy the interview! Thanks to Grant Holloway (and his agents, John Regis and Ramon Clay) on putting together the interview. Thanks to Mike Deering/ The Shoe Addicts, who is our production manager for #Socialing the Distance.

_MRT5334 copy.jpgGrant Holloway, Gyulai Memorial, 6 July 2021, photo by Gyulai Istvan Memorial

Almost every time that I interview Shaunae Miller-Uibo, I ask her about the heptathlon. Will she consider the multi events? Each time, Shaunae Miller-Uibo smiles, and says, she will speak with her coach, and someday, perhaps in the future.

Well, the future is getting reality, Shaunae has done every event, but perhaps the pole vault.

_ZSL7615.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by Gyulai Istvan Memorial

RunBlogRun presents

Socialing The Distance

with Larry Eder

Featuring SRG Partnership,

designers of the new Hayward Field

Hayward_Field-Panow.jpgHayward Field, June 2021, photo by Kevin Morris / Kevmofoto

The designers and architects who were behind the new Hayward Field were always going to be under scrutiny. In having visited the new Hayward Field in May and June of 2021, I have to say that the new Hayward Field is a salute to the global nature of the sport, the history of the Oregon track program, and the stature of athletics at Oregon. They did an amazing job! And who are 'they"? Todd Van Horne, creative director (formerly with Nike), and Jeff Yrazabel, Marques Figueroa, and Whitney Ranson of the SRG Partnership.

SRG.jpgTop corner, left: Todd Van Horne, bottom corner, left, Whitney Ranson, center, Larry Eder, bottom corner, right, Jeff Yrazabel, upper right corner, Marques Figueroa, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

We had the pleasure to speak with the team just a couple weeks ago. We think that you will like this behind-the-scenes look at the new Hayward Field.

Thanks to Keith Peters for providing the introductions.

A special thanks to Jeff Yrazabal, Todd Van Horne, Marquesa Figueroa & Whitney Ranson for taking the time to talk with us.

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This is Justin Lagat's first column on the Tokyo Olympics, on the first day of the Olympics. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is one year late, and still under the pallor of the pandemic. Justin will be remotely covering the Tokyo Olympics for @runblogrun from his hometown of Iten, Kenya.

Imp palac.jpgThe Imperial Palace, photo by the LOC

Friday is the easy day. Keep the run relaxed and do 4 stride outs of 150 meters. 40 minutes is a good run and keep it easy. Keep the talking during it and recover from Thursday.

ehZyuxRI.jpgEarly spike cobbled by Adi Dassler, circa 1924-1928, photo by adidas Communications

Friday: light run, 40 minutes easy pace, stretch, 4 x 150 m stride-outs, light cooldown.

Olympic Athletics Collection_1.JPGOlympic Athletics Collection, photo © MOWA

Olympic Athletics Collection_3.JPGOlympics Athletics Collection, photo © MOWA

Olympic Athletics Collection_4.JPGOlympics Athletics Collection, photo photo © MOWA

The Olympic Athletics Collection opens at the virtual Museum of World Athletics (MOWA) today, for all to see. We received this release and photos from the Olympics collection, courtesy of Chris Turner, the director of the Heritage Department at World Athletics. When MOWA opened, I spent a week going through the virtual museum, recognizing many artifacts from the collection I saw in 2012 during the centenary of the then I.A.A.F., now World Athletics.

Zatopek-Top.jpgTeam jacket, Emil Zatopek, 1952, photo © MOWA

Takahashi.JPGNaoko Takahashi, Sydney 2000 number, photo © MOWA

Besides being a javelin enthusiast, Chris Turner understands, that to appreciate our sport, we must understand its history.

Enjoy and please pass it around!

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