The USATF 1 mile road championships were held in Des Moines yesterday...

hayward field.jpg

Hayward Field, artist rendition, courtesy of the University of Oregon

Well, I've tried to explain, for some time now, that we will not feel normal until 2022, and it should take until 2023-2024 until we find the new normal.

The folks at Tracktown are the ones I feel sorry for. Lane County changes its dystopian view of the the track capital of Lane County on a weekly time frame.

How many will be allowed in Hayward Field? Our sources suggested that last week it changed from 50% of seats back to 15 % of seats, due to upsurge in Covid cases in Lane county.

Good news is that Oregon is upping vaccinations, with students at Oregon just getting access.

Stay tuned. Know that Michael Reilly is a great guy who loves track, as does Tracktown. The USOPC makes the decisions, tells USATF, who then alerts Tracktown..and somewhere in there is Lane County, who seem a bit overwhelmed.

Just stay safe, and know that it will get better.


After the AD, and University President receiving targeted vitriol via social media, walks and writing campaigns, Clemson University has agreed to keep Men's Track & Field and Cross Country alive.

We are grateful for that decision.


GRAPHIC: The 2021 Mastercard New York Mini 10-K logo (courtesy of New York Road Runners), used with permission.


Sara Hall winning the 2019 NYRR New York Mini 10-K in 32:27 (photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly), used with permission.

Great to see that NYRR is getting back, as it is safe, to hosting elite competitions.

Holmer fartlek is a moderately challenging. It encourages you to go fast when you are totally warmed up.


Abe Alvarado racing the 800m in Miramar, photo by

Thursday: warm-up (1 mile easy, stretch), 50 minutes Holmer Fartlek, 25 minutes out, 25 minutes back (harder), 4 x 150m stride-outs, cooldown

RunBlogRun presents

Socialing The Distance

with Larry Eder

Featuring Grant Holloway,

110m World Champion & World Indoor Record Holder


Grant Holloway photo by Getty images/ world athletics

My interview with Grant Holloway, the 110m World champion and 60 m hurdles indoors world record holder, was both enjoyable and informative.

Grant is entertaining, thoughtful and may be the most talented athlete of his entire generation.

The adidas global sports marketing guru told me in Doha that "Grant is someone special."

I believe that is defined as an understatement.

Grant on Twitter:

Grant on Instagram:



EtEf4fZXcAYTafb.jpgDina-Asher-Smith, 2021, photo by Getty Images/ European Athletics

Dina Asher Smith is the European Champ at 100/200 in 2018, and in 2019 World Athletics Championships, Dina won the 200m.

Stuart Weir wrote this piece on Dina Asher-Smith and her thoughtful writing.

Des Linden recently set a 50k world best. Just a couple days ago, Des Linden, 2018 Boston Champion and huge sports draw, will run the 2021 BAA Boston Marathon in October 2011.

Des Linden continues to enjoy her running and share those experiences with us!

Des Linden is a huge social media draw on @runblogrun.


Mondo Duplantis, Muller Glasgow 2020, photo by British Athletics/ Getty Images

1206432689.jpgMondo Duplantis, Muller Glasgow 2020, photo by British Athletics/ Getty Images

Mondo Duplantis is the world record holder in the men's pole vault. Charismatic, with tremendous athletic talents and a huge support system.

I love the FBK meet. The stadium is intimate, and when fans are allowed, creates quite a buzz.

Mondo will entertain on June 6!

Wednesday is after a good Tuesday. You will be tired, you will be a tight, so stretch well, keep the run easy. Enjoy the stride outs, keep them crisp. Cool down well.


Matthew Centrowitz, Miramar Invitational, April 10, 2021, photo by

Wednesday: light run, 30 minutes easy pace, stretch, 2 x 150 m light cooldown.

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