Remember how amazed everyone was when Sydney McLaughlin made the Olympic team as a high schooler in 2016 at the 400m hurdles and Noah Lyles came oh so close, finished 4th in the 200m in 2016?

High Schoolers have made the U.S. Olympic teams! We wrote about 12 of them!

As I was clearing out my Dad's house, I found this 2008 copy of one of our magazines in his office. As I opened it, I found this wonderful piece by Mark Winitz and James Dunaway, originally written in 2004, on 12 High school athletes who mae the US Olympic team. Mark Winitz and James Dunaway were two of the writers who wrote for the most for American Athletics, American Track & Field and California Track & Field News. From 2003 until 2014, near the time of his death, the late James Dunaway wrote, edited, mentored and exchanged strange text message, and phone calls.

Many times there were messages like, " You are probably going to fire me after this phone call, so call back soon." Mark Winitz, one of the most prolfic writers, was one of the few people who could calm James Dunaway down. James loved working with Mark.

I can think of no better way that to put these two men's important piece on RunBlogRun. Please enjoy! The other 11 athletes will be added to RunBlogRun.

Our first story is on Casey Carrigan.

Casey Carrigan .jpgCasey Carrigan vaulting in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City, and smiling for his senior photo! photo courtesy of Casey Carrigan/ USOPC

The nominees for the World Athletics Female athlete of the year may be an even tougher group than the Men to choose from! Some amazing performances in the world of women's athletics. This is going to be fun! What do you think? Let me know at [email protected].

The nominees for the World Athletics Male Athlete of the Year are pretty diverse. The challenge is this, how does one compare Eliud Kipchoge with Karsten Warholm, or with Ryan Crouser? This will be a crazy tough year!

RunBlogRun presents
Socialing The Distance with Larry Eder
Featuring Grant Holloway,

World Indoor record holder, 60m hurdles,

2nd fastest 110m Hurdler ever

Tokyo Silver medalist, 110m Hurdles

Grant Holloway is one of the most charismatic, entertaining, talented and hard working athletes that I have ever met or observed. His skills over the 60m hurdles and 110 meter hurdles are enthralling! This past winter, Grant broke the three decade plus record of Colin Jackson at 60m. This past summer, Grant Holloway ran the second fastest time in the 110m hurdles (12.81) and made it look so easy.

Holloway_Grant-QR-OlyTrials21w.jpgGrant Holloway, US Olympic Trials champion, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Just six weeks later, in his only 98 percent race of the year, Grant Holloway showed us that, occasionally, he was human. He took the Olympic silver medal, when Hansle Parchment, the 2012 Olympic bronze medalist, 2015 WC silver medalist and 2018 Commonwealth silver medalist, saw a break in Holloway's perfect hurdling and took the gold from Grant. That's an Olympic final, one is either all on fire, or someone will catch you.

Holloway_Grant-R-OlyTrials21w.jpgGrant Holloway, 2021 U.S. Olympic Trials champion, #2 All time, 110m hurdles, Olympic silver medalist, photo by Kevin Morris / @kevmofoto

Showing class worthy of a future all time great, Grant Holloway made no excuses and noted that he will just have to wait until 2024 Paris for Olympic gold. This interview was a lot of fun. Just a normal conversation with one of adidas' most highly regarded athletes, Grant Holloway is the present and future of hurdling.

Time Stamps:

0:00 -Introduction

0:36 -Competing in Europe after Trials

2:34 -US Trials

3:48 -Feelings during the Final at the Trials

4:52 -The Heat in Eugene

6:00 - Heading to Tokyo

6:44 - Europe after Tokyo?

7:21 - Track Spikes and performance

8:53 - Improvements in your race in the last 18 months

10:21 - Sleeping arrangements in Tokyo

11:53 - How excited are you to go to the Olympics?

12:34 - The Championship Mindset

15:12 - First time you dreamed of the Olympics

17:12 - Making the Olympic team

18:09 - The Relays

19:23 - Internet Problems

20:31 - The relationship between media and athletes

21:59 - Why do you love the hurdles?

22:49 - What kind of kid should go into the hurdles?

22:59 - Is the 110m Hurdles the toughest event?

23:13 - Is the 110m Hurdles the most precise event?

23:26 - How often can you race at your level?

24:49 - If not hurdle, what event would you try?

25:19 - Would you ever try the decathlon?

25:44 - Thoughts on Warholm's WR?

26:32 - Are rivalries good for the sport?

26:59 - Thoughts on crowds vs no crowds in Tokyo?

27:17 - How important was the Indoor WR?

28:01 - Time spent on Social Media

28:10 - Still gaming?

28:31 - What do you do to relax?

28:53 - Do you have a hype song before races?

29:09 - Fan of Netflix?

29:27 - Passing time on long flights?

29:50 - 4 Top Current Hurdlers

30:17 - 4 Greatest Hurdlers of all time

31:03 - Thoughts on Aries Merritt

32:02 - World Champs 2022

32:15 - Thoughts on the new Hayward Field

32:55 - The crowd in Hungary

33:16 - More health and safety

34:43 - Ending

35:40 - Epilogue

Grant on Twitter:
Grant on Instagram:

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On easy run days, I would consider the smells, sounds and things around me on my runs around the Rose Garden neighborhoods, or my morning run to San Jose City College. Some mornings, I would see Olympic athletes training at City College. It was kind of cool.

Kampf_Heather-Q-OlyTrials21w.jpg2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, 1,500m women, photo by Kevin Morris/@kevmofoto

Friday: Advanced athletes, take light AM 30 minute run.

Main workout: light run, 45 minutes easy pace, stretch, 4 x 150 m stride-outs, light cooldown.

The rumors and questions have been there for some time. British Athletics, which had all but perished at the turn of the 2000s, which had come back and with brilliant competitions and new and enduring stars, had risen from the ashes.

The first ill advised move, in my mind, was British Athletes (under Neils De Vos) cutting FastTrack, their marketing agency, to save the commissions. They lost millions on that move. Then, the World Cup, which competed with the Anniversary Games, in 2018, cost $1.5 million more in expenses than it should have. The revenue problems have been more than whispers since 2019.

The grumblings about the changes in coaching, and lack of experience in athletics have only continued the concern.

Coates and Symington have resigned. At this level of corporate and athletic management, one does wonder what happened. Special thanks to Stuart Weir for writing this up!

Coates.jpgJo Coates, photo by British Athletics

Symington.jpgSara Symington, photo by British Athletics

Once a week, I am working on giving you a workout with most of the challenges in a 5k race, all wrapped up into one workout. See what you think!

Rupp_Galen-promo-Chicago21.jpgGalen Rupp took second at Bank of America Chicago marathon on October 10! Cross country running was a big part of his high school and college development! photo by Chicago marathon media / Kevin Morris

Thursday: warm-up, Hill repeats, 300 meter long hills, jog back to start, repeat 4 times , then, 20 minute run, moderate pace, 1 x mile, 5k race pace, 800m jog, go to flat surface, 2 x 200m, 20 minute cooldown

This piece by Jeff Benjamin is about 1991 World Championship bronze medalist in the marathon Steve Spence. His patience in the first half of hot and humid Tokyo , and his pain staking move through the pack, until, just as he and the late Dr. David Martin had planned, putting him in contention with 2.5 miles to go!

Jeff Benjamin, RunBlogRun's senior writer for the East Coast, provides us this view into Steve Spence's iconic medal winning performance. It was at a time, when, well, American marathoners were not impressing many on the world stage!

Enjoy Jeff's labor of love.

Steve Spence's bronze medal in 1991 showed us that American male marathoners could race with the best in global championships.

1991 World Championship Men's Marathon, (27 minutes) highlights

image0.jpeg1991 World Championships Marathon, photo courtesy of the Asahi Shimbun /Getty Images

RunBlogRun presents

Athletics Chat,

Episode 72,

the Epilogue

Once a week, Larry Eder and Stuart Weir, get on zoom and discuss some of the issues in the sport. Stuart is in Oxford, England,

and for right now, Larry is in San Jose, CA.

This is the epilogue, where I spout off, all by my lonesome, on our chat this week!

082121_PreClassicDay199429.JPGAthing Mu, photo by How Lao Photography

Find all of our Socialing The Distance interview series here:

Find all of our Athletics Chat episodes here:

Find all of our Conversations with Larry here:

#AthleticsChat #RunBlogRun #theshoeaddicts


Athletics Chat, Episode 72


RunBlogRun presents

Athletics Chat,

Episode 72

Once a week, Larry Eder and Stuart Weir, get on zoom and discuss some of the issues in the sport. Stuart is in Oxford, England,

and for right now, Larry is in San Jose, CA.


Charlotte Purdue took 10th in London, photo by London Marathon media

Our topics this week:

1. Top six Olympic moments.

2. Top 4 surprises at the Olympics.

3. Marathon musings.

4. Charlotte Purdue, and her London run.

Find all of our Socialing The Distance interview series here:

Find all of our Athletics Chat episodes here:

Find all of our Conversations with Larry here:

#AthleticsChat #RunBlogRun #theshoeaddicts


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