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In 2007, my brother, Brian finally convinced me to post on a blog he had begun for me, RunBlogRun. He had tried to get me excited in 2006, but, alas, I was a bit of a Luddite (look it up). RunBlogRun changed my life. Within 2 years, I understood what Brian was saying: the blog will be your major communication tool. In 2014-2016, as I suspended my print publications, RunBlogRun continued to grow, and our daily content supported my digital titles. As we developed our live coverage of events, and the video impact on our sites (we partnered with The Shoe Addicts in 2010, as our digital partners).

This is European Athletics Results, 2017-2018, Number 32, compiled and edited by Carles Baronet, our friend from Catalonia. This is the most recent update on the continent of Europe and all 51 members of the EAA.

Mayer_KevinHH1-WorC17.jpgKevin Mayer, 110m H, photo by

Mayer_KevinJav-WorC17.jpgKevin Mayer, javelin, photo by

Mayer_KevinA-WC17.jpgKevin Mayer, photo by

The Globerunner blog is one of the finest blogs on the subject of athletics. I have said this before and I will say it again. If you are a real geek and love well written, thoughtful commentary on the sport, then sign up (it's Free) for Pat Butcher's tomes.

Today, he writes about Dana Zatopekova, the wife of the late Emil Zatopek. They are Olympic royalty. In 1952, Emil Zatopek won the 10,000m, 5,000m and marathon. Just after his 5000m victory, Dana won the javelin, on her first throw, with an Olympic and national record. Today is Dana's 96th birthday.

I met Dana in 2001. I was with Czech decathlete star Roman Seble, and he saw the dimunitive Dana across the room. Roman and another Czech star excused themselves and crossed the room to greet Dana Zátopková. She lit up as the two handsome men kissed her, and spoke animatedly as she laughed and smiled with her two young suitors.

Pat Butcher wrote the following column for Dana's birthday. He quotes his book QUICKSILVER, The Mercurial Emil Zátopek, his fine book on Emil Zatopek. (You must have this book on your bookshelf, it is a superb book on the most amazing athlete, and Pat Butcher did some amazing interviews for the book. )

Pat Butcher reminds us that Dana Zátopková had a wicked sense of humor as well as a wicked throwing arm. Happy 96th, Dana!

emildanamedals.jpgEmil Zatopek and Dana Zatopekova, photo from QUICKSILVER, The Mercurial Emil Zátopek

As we get into the high season of early cross country season. In many parts of the country, high school athletes run 2 meets a week. We have juggled the Fall schedule so that one can workout and also race twice a week.

IMG_6138.jpgTime to race, photo by

Wednesday, September 19, 2018-warm up, 5k Xc race, cooldown, or warm up, easy 50 minutes, 8 x150 meter stride outs, cooldown

McFadden_TatianaPC-PeachTree15.jpgTatyana McFadden, photo by

Tatyana McFadden is the finest female wheelchair racer in the world. Tatyana had a medical emergency just less than two years ago, and had to fight her way back to the top of the elite marathon world. Andy Edwards, of Race News Service, interviewed Tatyana McFadden before the 2018 BMW Berlin Marathon race.

Sang%2c Patrick-thumb-500xauto-16429.jpgPatrick Sang, coach of Eliud Kipchoge, photo by NN Running Team

Patrick Sang, after having observed Eliud Kipchoge in his build up, knew that Kipchoge would break the world record in the men's marathon. Yet, per our writer, Justin Lagat, Patrick kept it to himself. Sang had seen the level of fitness of Mr. Kipchoge over the build up for Berlin.

This interview was done by Andy Edwards, of Race News Service, after the world record of 2:01:39, by the athlete of Patrick Sang, Eliud KIpchoge.

Kipchoge_EluidPace-Berlin18.JPGEliud Kipchoge and his pacemakers, September 16, 2018, photo by

On Sunday, September 16, 2018, Eliud Kipchoge a win to his marathon record, now at 11 wins in 12 races. Kipchoge had company, which consisted of 3 pace makers, until the half marathon, which was hit in 1:01:06. His final pacemaker retired at 25 kilometers. Eliud Kipchoge ran the final seventeen kilometers by his lonesome, putting 4:44 seconds between Mr. Kipchoge and second place, Amos Kipruto.

Boit-Kipchoge-Berlin18.JPGBoit and Kipchoge, September 16, 2018, photo by

Eliud Kipchoge is the finest male marathoner in history. His epic world record of 2:01:39 should not be broken for many years. Finally, a men's marathon record that is parallel to Paula Radcliffe's 2:15:25. Kipchoge's Run in Monza showed that Eliud Kipchoge was amazing, but his run in Berlin showed that he is the greatest male marathoner of all times.

Kipchoge_Eluid20139-Berlin18.jpgEliud Kipchoge, world record, 2:01:39, September 16, 2018, photo by

Here is the Eliud Kipchoge interview by Andy Edwards, Race News Service, after his world record race of 2:01:39.

Cherono_GladysA-Berlin18.JPGGladys Cherono, photo by

Kiplagat_Edna-Berlin18.JPGEdna Kiplagat, photo by

Our friends at the Race News Service provide us with glimpses into the sport. Andy Edwards and Joerg Wenig provide us event content from the global marathons that we do not attend. In this interview, Gladys Cherono and Edna Kiplagat met with Andy Edwards before the 2018 BMW Berlin Marathon. Gladys Cherono defended her title from 2017, and ran 2:18:11, and Edna Kiplagat took 4th in 2:21:28.

What a day for the sport!

Kipchoge_EluidH-Berlin18.JPGEliud Kipchoge, World record of 2:01:39, BMW Berlin Marathon, photo by

Sunday, September 16, 2018 was a tremendous day for the sport! At the BMW Berlin Marathon, Eliud Kipchoge set a new world record, blistering a 2:01.39 (61:06 for half marathon, 60:33 for second half marathon). Kipchoge ran the last 17 kilometers by his lonesome, increasing the pace on his own, and setting world record for men quite similar to the world record for women held by Paula Radcliffe, which she ran in 2003, and the clock stopped at 2:15:25. Most keen observers have noted that Eliud Kipchoge's world record will not be challenged for some time.

And, seven hours after Eliud Kipchoge finished the BMW Berlin Marathon in 2:01.39, Kevin Mayer, the French decathlete, set a new WR of 9,136 points, eighty-one points above the former WR of one Ashton Eaton. Kevin Mayer had a nightmere in Berlin in August, when he had no mark in the Long Jump. Mayer was devestated, as the gold medal should have been his at the 2018 European Athletics Championships. Kevin Mayer put together two days of great performances in Talence, France in the Decastar event. On day 1, Kevin Mayer went 10.55 for the 100m, 7.80m for LJ, 16.00m for shot put, 2.05m for the high jump and 48.42 for the 400m, with a day 1 score of 4,563 points.

Kevin Mayer.pngKevin Mayer, September 16, 2018, set a new decathlon World record of 9,136, photo by Getty Images/

On day 2, Kevin Mayer continued to impress in front of his fans, startin with 13.75 for 110m, 50.54m in discus, 5.45m in pole vault, 71.90m in the javelin and his finisih in 4:36.11, the final event (the 1,500m), to go 81 points ahead of Ashton Eaton's WR, set in August 2015 in Beijing.

Here's the podcast on the 2 WRs in one day! Special thanks to Mike Deering and The Shoe Addicts on producing the RBR PODCAST: Two World records in One Day!

Div comm.jpgAs many of you know, DIVERSIFIED COMMUNICATIONS purchased The RUNNING EVENT and THE 50 BEST STORES IN AMERICA, among other assets, from Formula 4 media, the founders of TRE, and THE 50 BEST STORES IN AMERICA. Both events changed the trade and running channel. Here's the official press release.

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