This writer first met Carl Lewis in 1984. I witnessed his 4 golds in LA, and felt he was poorly treated by the media in that time. Lewis is one of the finest athletes of all times. The talent that Carl Lewis had was extraordinary, and his self confidence still rubs some people the wrong way. I know this: Post 1988, Carl Lewis came and spoke at Apple on organ donation, and I was able to interview him. I asked him about the long jump, his sprinting and his love of competition. He not only answered my questions, but invited me to a couple of other events to speak with him.

Can he coach? Of course, and Malika Mihambo, the excellent German long jumper / sprinter, who won Doha 2019 and Berlin 2018 gets it. She will be with the finest long jumper / sprinter of all times. And she also has Leroy Burrell, former 100m World record holder, to assist with her sprinting!

Watch that 100m PB improve, and her LJ soar!

775199424HL00075_24th_Europ.JPGMalaika Mihambo, photo by Getty Images / Berlin 2018

Long runs are a Sunday tradition. Just stay safe, continue to social distance. Enjoy the time on the road, and think about your daily life.

Eugene2016 3.jpgClayton Murphy, 2016 US Olympic Trials, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Sunday: Long runs, 70-75 minutes

This is a good challenge today!

ehZyuxRI.jpgan early spike by Adi Dassler, 1924,photo by adidas Communications

Saturday, 30 May 2020: warm up, Fartlek: 50 minutes, 10 minutes good pace, 15 x 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 10 minutes good pace, cooldown.

I met Andy Young over dinner in Birmingham with Matthew Turnbull, the elite event coordinator for some of the top elite events in the UK a few years ago. What I first noticed about Andy Young was the amount of soda he drank. The guy lived on the stufff. Over the evening, we chatted about training, his challenges as a Scottish coach, and his philosophy of coaching.

Andy Young .jpgNeil Black and Andy Young, photo: Scottish Athletics

I have been lucky to see Andy and also chat with him at events. I like how he has developed Laura Muir, Jemma Reekie and Gabriela DeBues Stafford. Andy Young knows his craft, and his athletes show that.

andy young and lm .jpgLaura Muir and Andy Young, photo by Scottish Athletics

ub_3Dmol.jpgMarathon shoe, circa 1939, hand built by Adi Dassler, founder of adidas, photo by adidas Communications

The following release is from the B.A.A. This piece should answer your questions on the changing developements with the 124th Boston Marathon...

Drake2018 3.jpgClayton Murphy, 2018 USATF Champs, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Clayton Murphy is beginning a trip today, going from Portland, Oregon to the state of Ohio, near the campus of the University of Akron. We did a 40 minute interview with Clayton Murphy, the 2016 Olympic bronze medalist at the 800 meters. Murphy's stretch run, down the final 100m of the Engenhao Stadium track, gained him an Olympic medal with a gutty run to the finish.

Now, Clayton Murphy and his fiance, Ariana Washington, will move to Ohio. Clayton will be coached by his college coach, Lee LaBadie. This was after 2 years under Coach Alberto Salazar at the Nike Oregon Distance Project. When Nike closed down the Nike Oregon Distance Project in 2019, Clayton had some decisions to make. He choose to move back to Ohio.

Drake2018 13.jpgClayton Murphy, 2018 USATF Champs, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

In this first clip from our new series, Socializing the Distance, we feature Clayton Murphy, on the importance of the of the Cross Country at the University of Akron. Clayton Murphy believes that cross country made a huge impact on his success in the Olympics. He is a big fan of the team and came back two days after Beijing 2015, and joined in the Akron cross country team time trials, to support the team.

We thank Clayton Murphy for his time, and his enthusiasm. We thank Mike Deering of The Shoe Addicts for managing the interviews and producing the series.

Eugene2016 13.jpgClayton Murphy, 2016 US Olympic Trials, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Dez Bryant is an American sprinter who took 5th in the 200m in Doha 2019 and achieved bronze in the US 4x100m in Doha. Dez took the gold in the NCAA 200m champs in 2015, with a PB o 22.18. She is a 17 time NCAA All American, and has a PB in the 100m of 10.99.

Stuart Weir gave Dez Bryant a whole load of questions, 22 in fact, and she answered them with aplomb.

Thanks Dez for your answers.

Thanks, Stuart for the questions...

Dez Bryant Birmingham 2019 GettyBritish Athletics.jpgDez Bryant, Birmingham 2019 DL, photo by Getty Images / British Athletics

This is the epilogue of Athletic Chat 2. The idea of the epilogue came up with a collaberation between Mike Deering and myself. Mike thought my synposis on Chat 1 gave me a way to tie all the disparate parts of our chats together.


The past couple of weeks we were recording outside of London, England, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and Indianapolis, Indiana. Now, we will be changing Wisconsin for California and Indiana to Wisconsin for Mike.

Thanks for getting into the Chats! We love them. So, if you have a topic, email me, [email protected]!


RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat - Episode 2 Click on the time stamps below to jump to different topics: 0:00 - Intro 85th Anniversary of Jesse Owens setting 4 WR in 45 min 1:56 - Looking at how the UK is doing currently 2:44 - Updates on Mo Farah 3:34 - Thoughts on London Marathon in 2020 6:32 - The Talent of Young Athletes 7:20 - Communication with the media 9:00 - What are the three things you would tell young athletes to include in an interview? 11:43 - Athletes and their coaches 13:43 - Larry's thoughts on Coaches 15:25 - Do you think an elite athlete needs a coach? 19:22 - UK Relay Athletes vs American Relay Athletes 23:21 - Updates on Martin Rooney 26:23 - More discussions on UK Relay Athletes/Funding 28:09 - Thoughts on Tokyo 2021 & Future of Athletics 33:40 - How is Niels de Vos perceived in the UK? 35:15 - How athletes are coping with the coronavirus? 38:14 - Epilogue with Larry

Nethaneel Michell-Blake Semi.JPGNethaneel Mitchell Blake, GBR 4x100m, 2018 European Athletics Championships, photo by Getty Images / Berlin 2018

This series is managed and produced by The Shoe Addicts. Special thanks to Mike Deering on keeping Stuart and I on task. That is, as always, a challenge. As anyone who has listened or viewed my content, I am always digressing. Some people view life and experiences as a straight line, from A to Z.

My mind does not work that way. Perhaps, it never has. I found a kindred spirit when I became fascinated with Kurt Vonnegut in high school. His view of time, well, time travel, was, all about Tralfamador. Then, I was given The Man in the HIgh Castle, a book by Philip K. Dick, and I knew that there were others who spent their lives exploring the digressions.

As, in my mind, a digression is actually a fascinating way to explore a new topic.

Come along for the ride, dear viewers. Stuart and I have a lot of fun!

impossible games .jpgThe Impossible Games will be held on June 11 in Oslo, Norway. The Oslo Bislett Games is holding this amazing event. In honor of the amazing Maurie Plant, who passed at the end of last year, and was a guiding force with the Oslo Games, a 2000m event will be held in Oslo and in Kenya. In this piece, Justin Lagat comments on the unique concept.

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