Crouch_Sarah1a-HoustonM17.jpGSara Crouch, 2017 Aramaco Houston Half Marathon, photo by

Morgan Pearson, 361.jpgMorgan Pearson, 2017 Armory Track Invitational , photo courtesy of Armory NYC

361 Degrees USA is one of the newer brands on the performance running footwear scene in North America. This release announces their involvement in supporting athletes in our sports of road running, track and field and triathloning. As brands develop their relationship with the running community, most find themselves drawn to supporting athletes that support their branding.

Without the support of brands like 361 Degrees USA, our running community continues to grow and provide opportunities for more developing elite athletes.

Kevin Staff Photo.pngKevin Jermyn, CARA, photo courtesy of CARA

Jeff Benjamin wrote this piece on his friend, Kevin Jermyn, who has moved to the Windy City to help build Chicago Area Runners.

StartZoom-NBN10.jpgThe race is on! photo by

Updated February 23, 2017

Watch for more updates in late March. We spoke with meet management earlier this week and will provide an interview next week. It is great to see a new meeting come to Africa. We will have announcements on major athletes in late March 2017 as well.

We are excited to hear that a special athletics meeting will come to Lagos, Nigeria, on July 12. This is a 50th anniversary meet, so expect some fine athletes and some exciting surprises! RunBlogRun and the RunningNetwork partners will keep you informed on this exciting meet in Nigeria, a country with a long history in athletics!

Watch for updates!

Dibaba_Genzebe1f-Paris15.jpgGenzebe Dibaba, Paris 2015, photo by

Genzebe Dibaba for 1000 m WR attack
MADRID (ESP): Genzebe Dibaba is launching an attack on Maria Mutola's world indoor 1000m record of 2:30.94 in Madrid (EA Indoor Permit) on Friday, informs MARCA. "I think I can get the record. In Poland the pacemaker failed [when I tried to beat the world indoor 1500m record] but I see myself qualified to beat this world record," she said. Dibaba said she is planning to attack Wang Junxia's world outdoor 3000m record of 8:06.11 this summer and is thinking about attempting a 5000/10,000m double at the World Championships in London because the 1500/500m are "very close in the schedule." Adam Kszczot is in the 800 m while Ruth Beitia and Orlando Ortega are among the leading domestic names in action. Yunier Perez is the top name for 60 m, Bralon Taplin for the 400 m, Australian Ryan Gregson in the 1500 m, Congo´s Frank Elemba in shot put and Swiss World leader Lea Sprunger in women 400 m.

Thursdays are creative hard days. We will do cut downs, accelerations, stride outs, and some running where you can actually breathe. Bill Dellinger, the 1964 Olympic bronze medalist who became Head Coach at Oregon, and coached the late Steve Prefontaine, had a word for preparing for racing. He called it " callousing". When Bill Dellinger was in the Air Force and stationed in Alaska, he would do interval 3/4 mile runs by counting the strides with his fingers (he was alone the beach, it was boring). Lesson from Coach Dellinger: be creative, have fun, keep a sense of humor.

Kennedy_Bob-OlyGames96.JPGBob Kennedy, 1996 Olympic 5000m final, photo by

Five Lessons from NYRR Millrose Games


True_BenFHL-Millrose17.jpGBen True Passing Ryan HIll, Paavo Nurmi 2 Mile, photo by

The 2017 Millrose Games was one of the finest meets in its long hallowed history. The move to the Armory has provided a more raucous crowd and a home where the meet is safe. For many reasons, the Madison Square Garden was no longer the haven for the Millrose Games.

Here is what I learnt from the 2017 Millrose Games.

Stadium-EuroInd11.jpgEuro Indoors 2011, Bercy, (Kind of Paris), photo by

MONTREAL (CAN): Mondo announced a partnership with Athletics Canada. As part of the partnership, Mondo will provide custom portable track system that will allow Athletics Canada to put on events almost anywhere in Canada. The organization plans use the new track system to stage street events. "Our goal is to stage events where Canadian athletes, such as sprinter Andre De Grasse, high jumper Derek Drouin and pole vaulter Shawn Barber, can show off the sport and be literally within arm's length of fans and spectators," said Mathieu Gentès, director of corporate services, Athletics Canada. Informs federation website.

RunBlogRun opines: MONDO has done much for our sport. They donate tracks around Olympic and IAAF sponsorships and they have supported our sport for many years. This is a nice partnership. Especially with cutbacks for Athletics Canada, this allows the federation to grown the sport with our friends to the North.

Updated February 22, 2017

We wanted our readers to see this video. We think the behind the scenes story from George Hirsch how how Michael Capiraso and Peter Ciaccia have helped the NYRR grow and thrive is an important story for our sport. It is not often that we see sport leaders playing well together.

George Hirsch is the Chairman of the board for the New York Road Runners Club. Before that, George changed the running media landscape with his launch of the Runner magazine in 1979, and then, in 1986, became the publisher of RW magazine, under the ownership of Rodale Press.

George Hirsch loves the sport and has lived through the halycon days, playing instrumental parts in the development of the New York City Marathon. There is nothing better for me than to catch up with my former boss and talk running.

At the recent NYRR Run Center launch, (January 11), I asked George Hirsch to speak about the success of the NYRR under Michael Capiraso and Peter Ciaccia, who succeeded Mary Wittenberg, when she left to start a new project at Virgin Sport. This is a fascinating interview and a true success story for our sport.

As always, thanks to George Hirsch for his stewardship and keen eye, and thanks to The Shoe Addicts, who chronicle our sport for RunBlogRun.

Mayer_KevinSP-RioOlyG16.jpgKevin Mayer, photo by

RunBlogRun opines:

Kevin Mayer is one of the finest newest multi-eventers in the world. With Ashton Eaton retired, Mayer is now at the very top of the multi event food chain. RunBlogRun will be covering the multi events in the 2017 European Indoor Championships.

I remembered observing Mayer at the 2013 European Indoors heptathlon in Goteborg. I was quite impressed with his performance indoors, where he took the silver. In 2014, in Zurich, Kevin took the silver at the European Outdoor Championships decathlon. And as you remember, in Rio, Kevin Mayer took the silver, behind Ashton Eaton, in the decathlon.

Kevin Mayer is fast. His 10.81 for the 100 meters impresses, but his shot put, 15.97m, and his High Jump PB of 2.10 meters truly impresses. Watch Kevin Mayer in Belgrade, and in London this summer.

IMG_7599.JPGBarry Fudge (cup over face), Ian Stewart, Wendy Sly, Tim Hutchings, Andy Young, Distance Running Panel, sponsored by City of Birmingham, Great Run Birmingham Marathon 2017

Updated February 22, 2017

This is one of the most amazing clinics that I have ever seen. What makes a good clinic? It is part chemistry, part knowledge and experience of the clinicians and part knowledge and experience of the emcee. This clinic had all of those things.

You need to listen to this. You need to not only listen to this, but send it to your friends in coaching and your friends who want to improve their running. I have been to clinics around the world, but this 90 minutes of lively discussion was tremendous.

Emceed by Gareth Turnbull, a man who combines knowledge of the sport with an amazingly dry sense of humor, the panel covered questions submitted by the 150 plus folks in the lovely City of Birmingham hall.


Barry Fudge, British Athletics Head of UK endurance spoke of how elite runners build their training, and how important it is to help elite athletes manage stress around major events. Sometimes, that is keeping the coaches away from the athletes, so both can chill. Common sense with technical expertise, it is clear why British Athletics has Barry Fudge in this position.

Ian Stewart, Great Run consultant, European and Commonwealth Games champ, 1972 Olympic bronze medalist 5000 meters. Supported Barry Fudge with the notion that Mo Farah is a racer, not a world record breaker. Stewart noted that records are one thing, the skills developed by Mo Farah to be the finest distance racer in the world are totally another.

Wendy Sly, silver medalist, 1984 LA Olympics, spoke about, her favorite world record, Seb Coe at Rieti, hitting the 400m in 49 seconds, finishing so hard over the last lap. Wendy noted that she was in the center of the field after her 800 meters, and that "Seb looked so fast."

Tim Hutchings, 1984 LA 5000 meters, 4th, two time silver medalist World Cross country, reminded us that it is hard to compare eras of running, such as the 1980s to now. His observations on watching Steve Cram and how much he admired him, were quite funny.

Andrew Young, coach of Laura Muir. Funny, self depricating, this guy knows running. Built a program from 4 runners at his former uni to over 60, with little support from the school, Andrew has helped Laur Muir grow in racing ability and confidence. He noted how Cram, Coe, Ovett and company inspired him to run in Scotland.

This is a fun discussion. Lots to learn from it. Special thanks to Steve Hollingworth, Assistant Director of Birmingham City Council (Birmingham Sports & Events), who hosted this wonderful event. And thanks to Ian Stewart for reminding me about this event!

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