Long Runs are our Sunday workouts. They are one of the three most important workouts of the week. Over the summer, we have built up from 45 minutes to 80 minutes so far. We will build up to 90 minutes by the end of the season.

Remember, always hydrate before, during and after long runs. Remember to stretch with long runs, especially after.

Stretching HOKA .jpgTying your shoes, photo by Justin Britton

Kipchoge-Bekele-Kipsang-Milde-Berlin17_1.JPGEliud Kipchoge, Kenenisa Bekele, Wilson Kipsang, Mark Milde (Race Director), photo by PhotoRun.net

BERLIN (GER): Berlin Marathon already leads the ranking of marathons based on top 10 performances with 2:03:35 average. Second in this stat provided by Ken Nakamura is London (2:04:34) and third Dubai (2:04:36). But improvement is possible on the women side where Berlin is second with 2:19:55 average. Here the leader is London (2:18:26) and third place belongs to Dubai (2:20:05). In the average of five best marathons the Sunday co-favorite Wilson Kipsang leads with 2:03:45 but second Eliud Kipchoge (2:04:01) could attack his position. Kenenisa Bekele is 8th in this ranking with 2:05:18 average.
BERLIN (GER): The pace of 60:45 will be set for the lead group by Sammy Kitwara, Gideon Kipketer and Geoffrey Ronoh for the BMW Berlin Marathon world record attempt. Subsequent pacemakers have been asked to operate at 62:45, 64:00, 65:30 and 67:00 respectively, reports Alberto Stretti from the technical meeting.
BERLIN (GER): Race director of the BMW Berlin Marathon Mark Milde believes the world record of 2:02:57 could be beaten by half a minute in tomorrow's race. He further told Telegraph Sport: "It depends much on the weather, but if the weather is OK - and we have the usual good weather that we've had in recent years in Berlin - I am quite confident that the record will go. We have recruited the pacemakers in a way that they can, on a perfect day, go out at world record pace. It's about trying to get these runners into a mental place where they work together as long as possible and the competition element kicks in only at a later part. So when the pacemakers drop out with 10km to go, they don't start looking around but try to keep up the race with the pace high."
BERLIN (GER): Great Britain's distance running great Mo Farah is among many athletes and running experts who believe the world marathon record will fall at Berlin Marathon. "I will fortunately have landed in the states in good time to watch the race. It's possible (to break the world record)... I know Eliud can do it," Farah told Daily Nation at the Abu Dhabi International as he headed off on holiday in USA with his family after a rewarding season.

Kipyegon_FaithFH1b-London17.jpgFaith Kipyegon, Caster Semenya and Jenny Simpson, photo by PhotoRun.net

No one could have predicted that last 200 meters in the women's 1,500 meters. As Faith Kipyegon and Sifan Hassan battle over the last 200 meters, and Laura Muir battles by Jenny Simpson, the race comes down to the final 100 meters. Faith Kipyegon runs away for the win, and Jenny Simpson overcomes Laura Muir and Sifan Hassan, who fell out of the medals! Jenny Simpson added a fourth medal to her 1,500 meter medal haul (2011-Daegu, gold, 2013 Moscow-silver, 2016-Rio, bronze), with her silver medal.

Then the battle for the 1,500 meters' bronze medal was between Laura Muir and Caster Semenya. Many had forgotten about Caster Semenya, who used her 800 meter finishing speed over that last 50 meters to success.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Chris O'Hare-1.jpgChris O'Hare, British Trials 2017, photo by David Wearn

Long time writer Cathal Dennehy wrote this piece on Chris O'Hare for @runblogrun, as O'Hare reflected on his long and exciting season. Here's a good read on the BAA High Performance team athlete as he heads back to Scotland for a break with his family!

McLeod_OmarSF1c-WC17.jpgOmar McLeod, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 110 meter hurdles is a tough race. Not only does the successful hurdle have to be agile, they also must be fast and nearly flawless. Omar McLeod continued on his winning ways, taking gold in 13.04. Sergei Shubenkov took silver in 13.18 and Balazs Baji took bronze in 13.28. Right behind them, Garfield Darien and Aries Merritt were in the battle, except, they hit hurdles, putting them out of the medal race.

The presser gives the hurdlers a chance to speak about their races. Sergei Shubenkov dealt as well as he could with questions on him not being able to celebrate as a Russian but as an ANA athlete.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

Tom Gale HJ.jpgTom Gale, HJ, photo by UK Athletics

This is Paul Halford's column for the week on British Athletics. Paul wrote on Tom Gale, the young high jumper who shows so much promise. We thank Paul, who writes a weekly column for @runblogrun on the athletes of British athletics.

Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.png

The hammer throw for women finally got its cred in London. In Rio, it was earlier in the day and, like the steeplechase, did not get the credit they deserved. Anita Wlodarczk is the Stephen Currey of the hammer throw. She lets her throwing do her speaking. Great speed, tremendous technique, Wlodarczyk is a tremendously emotional thrower, and anyone breathing, who spends five minutes watching her throw a hammer will become a fan. Wang Zhang (and her fourth placer team mate Wenxiu Zhang, showing that one of themes of London was the huge improvement by China in technical events). In third position, Malwina Kopron gave Poland the gold and bronze!

Wang-Wlodarczyk-KapronA-London17.jpgWang, Wlodarzyck, Kapron, Hammer throw medalists, London 2017, Photo By PhotoRun.net

Here's the HD video of the hammer presser from the Shoe Addicts. Thanks to Adam Johnson Eder, and Mike Deering for their daily coverage of the pressers in London!

The site for the 2020 USA Olympic Track & Field Trials was announced in June 2017 as Mount San Antonio College. The competition was rather tough and the possible sites of Eugene, Sacramento and San Antonio College were the final three. Observers noted that Eugene was a difficult choice with the challenges over when the rebuild of Hayward Field would actually be finished. To this day, the Hayward Field reconstruction seems to be in a disturbing conflict, with the University of Oregon on one side and Tracktown USA on another, with Nike, the company footing much of the bill, trying to figure out what is going on. Sacramento's bid was championed by the Sacramento Sports commission, which did not seem to take the bid seriously. The Mt.SAN ANTONIO College bid was well recieved and the 2020 site was named as the soon to be renovated (perhaps rebuilt is better term) Hilmer Lodge Stadium.

mt sac relays.jpgMt.SAC Relays, photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Hilmer Lodge Stadium has been the home of the Mt.SAC Relays for its existence. Now, there seems to be some issues between the city of Walnut and the Mt.SAC board. In an article from September 21, 2017, http://www.sgvtribune.com/2017/09/21/walnut-sues-to-block-new-athletic-stadium-at-mt-sac/, in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, the City of Walnut seems to want to stop the rebuilding of the stadium. If one reads the article, it seems the city of Walnut thought Hilmer Lodge would be a fixer upper, not a complete redo. The board at Mt.SAC may have omitted that they were redoing the stadium. So, the lines are drawn and the legal arguements are set to begin. Mt.SAC president and CEO Bill Scroggins told the SGV Tribune that there is time to make the schedule for June 2020 and he has battled Walnut before.

Seems like a face to face meeting, with a couple lawyers, the wounded parties and Mt.SAC is needed. Would save a lot of money and time and remind all that the stadium brings a young generation to the stadium, and families. Crime at track meets? That was one of things cited by city in complaint. Come on, is this just another gentrified city that does not want big sporting events or did Mt.SAC not give the whole story on the rebuild. Surely both sides do not need another lawsuit.

@RunBlogRun has this to say: Remember who the stadium is being built for and figure it out.

Here is the report 32 from Carles Baronet, at Track in Sun. Carles Baronet compiles and edits European Athletics Results nearly every week, exclusively for @runblogrun. The European season is coming to a close, and Carles, our friend from Catalonia, works on these reports tirelessly, and we appreciate his amazing work, and how its adds to our enjoyment of the sport!

Martin Rooney.jpegMartyn Rooney, 400m, British Trials, photo by David Wearn

For many of the high school cross country programs across the country, there are two cross country races a week during September and October. The challenge is to work out and race during the early season, with the focus on the end of the season.

Lutz_Craig3-USAxc17.JPGCraig Lutz, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saturday, September 23, 2017. warm up, early season cross country race, cooldown finish up with , 4x150 meters,


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