PHOTO: Gearing up for the inaugural Kalakaua Merrie Mile (and showing their University of Michigan pride) are (left to right) Erin Finn, Shannon Osika, Coach Mike McGuire and Nicole Sifuentes (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly), used with permission.
A great story from Chris Lotsbom of Race Results Weekly on the new mile race in Hawaii!

Whatever you call it, Larry & Mo, or Mo & Larry Show, it came down to this, two huge track fans talking track in Rio, in the adidas Hospitality Center. The adidas center was in one of the largest shopping centers in Rio, and like all travel in Brazil, it took a bit of creativity to get to the center. Somedays, Uber was key, other days, it was a great taxi. Another day, it was part bus, part Uber.

Greene_Mo1a-IAAF13.jpgMaurice Greene, photo by

This preview of the Men's 200 meters requires another viewing. Check out our description of the race, the athletes and the games. A wonderful series of podcasts done in Rio. Special thanks to Maurice Greene, who is one of the kindest, funniest and most observant sports personalities that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Special thanks to my brother, Brian Eder, who videod all of these episodes and also put up with his older brother for twelve magnifiscent days. Special thanks to the The Shoe Addicts, who edited, managed and producted the series. And finally, special thanks to Spencer Nel, adidas global sports marketing, who loved the idea of the Mo & Larry show from the first time I mentioned it.

During the 2016 Rio Olympics, I was fortunate to work with Maurice Greene on the Mo & Larry show, a series of video podcasts that we did, detailing some of our favorite moments or events during the Olympics. It was a blast. To quote the famous observer of the American human condition, and a collector of fine art, Steve Martin, " Some people get paid for selling Flair pens. I get paid for doing this." That was my sentiment. Thanks to adidas, who sponsors Maurice Greene, the 2000 Olympic champion at 100 meters (as well as World Champs in 1997, 1999 and 2001 at 100 meters).

Greene_Mo-IAAFgala12.jpgMaurice Greene, IAAF Gala, November 2013, photo by

Maurice Greene has a sports TV show on Eurosport. His understanding of the sport comes from kean observation skills and years of competition. Maurice gets it.

In this episode, we are discussing How to Make the Relay Teams Better.

Arciniaga_Nick_Waikiki_Beach_07-Dec-2016_Lotsbom.jpgPHOTO: Nick Arciniaga on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu with Diamond Head in the background (photo by Chris Lotsbom for Race Results Weekly), used with permission.

Nick Arciniaga is one of the nicest guys in the sport. He is also one of the toughest, as this story by Chris Lotsbom attests. We do feel sorry for Chris Lotsbom having to write two grueling stories from Hawaii.


Sifan Hassan, photo by

PORTLAND (USA): Sifan Hassan's agent Jos Hermens has insisted that she is in "safe and clean hands," informs de Volkskrant. "I have known Salazar since 1979. I'm sure nothing will happen to Hassan. Nike would not allow it. I am convinced that Sifan is in good, safe and clean hands," said Hermens. Hassan said she only takes supplements from her Dutch-based doctor Peter Vergouwen and she would have stayed with her previous coach Honore Hoedt if he didn't have so many other commitments. She adds she is planning to race indoors next winter.

RunBlogRun opines: Sifan Hassan has not been happy with her results the past few years. She has moved to Alberto Salazar to improve her game. It also seems that she wanted a coach who could provide some focus on her performances.

In my mind, the women's 1,500 meters in Rio was a seminal event. Faith Kipyegon versus Genzebe Dibaba was a beautiful thing, and the supremacy that Dibaba displayed in 2015 was gone. Kipyegon's beautiful last lap, covered in a bit under 57 seconds showed that, for that day, Ms. Dibaba was merely a human, like the rest of us, reaching for the stars. To me, the supreme battle was Jenny Simpson who had won in 2011, taken silver in 2013, and had a nightmare in 2015, was back and racing supremely.

I have my doubts regarding Genzebe Dibaba. And that is sad. I do not doubt Faith Kipyegon nor Jenny Simpson. But, that is for another column.

Simpson-HassanLastTurn-RioOlyG16.jpgSimpson and Hassan battle, Rio Olympic 1500 meter final, photo by

In this final Olympic Moments with Larry, I spoke of the wonderful battle that ensued in for gold and silver and how Jenny Simpson ran down Sifan Hassan, who had won over Jenny Simpson a few times in the past. But, the Rio 2016 Olympic women's 1,500 meters was a wonderful race, with the top athletes from Africa, Europe, North America battling on a fairly even basis, thanks to drug testing by WADA and USADA. Drug testing is imperfect, because some of the humans trying to stop it are imperfect beings, and because IOC wants it to go away, but it is improving the efficacy of racing.

The Thursday before the big race is pretty relaxed. You have done all you can before the race, so have some fun, relax and consider the last 20-24 weeks. Today's workout is pretty chill, just a warm up, sprinting straights, and jogging turns, then cooldown. You will feel sharp and relaxed!

Thursday, December 8, 2016: Warm up, two miles, sprint straights, jog turns, cooldown.

I0000Sgv694pvttg.jpgNicole Tully, photo by Kevin Morris

IMG_7042.JPGAmy Evans, photo from The Shoe Addicts

This is the beginning of a four part series on adidas apparel. adidas' Amy Evans spoke to The Shoe Addicts at the Running Event 2016 in Orlando last week, on upcoming adidas apparel product launches and updates. As Amy Evans tells us, runners like to look good, so adidas has focused on both fashion and function with the new apparel for 2017. Special thanks to Amy Evans for her knowledge and enthusiasm and The Shoe Addicts, the partners of RunBlogRun, for their video creations.

Nick Davies suspension extended


nick_davies-1250x750.jpgNIck Davies, courtesy of Athletics Weekly

MONACO (MON): The IAAF Ethics Board has extended the provisional suspensions of IAAF chief-of-staff Nick Davies, his wife Jane Boulter-Davies and medical manager Pierre-Yves Garnier, informs Their 180-day suspensions were due to expire today but chairman of the IAAF Ethics Board Michael Beloff has chosen to extend them through until the end of January. The decision was made to "allow for the conclusion of the disciplinary investigative process, including any hearing ensuing from the investigations," said a statement from the Ethics Board. The three of them were suspended for a suspected breach of ethics.

RunBlogRun opines: It is perhaps the hardest part of my job when I have to report on something difficult with a friend. Nick Davies was a friend of mine. Nick Davies is still a friend of mine. I understand the IAAF Ethics board extending the suspsensions. I have dealt with Nick Davies for over a decade and noted in past that Mr. Davies held up under tremendous pressure with Lamine Diack and Pappa Diack. While many suspected unethical actions by Pappa Diack, and, of course, there were whispers, the level of depravity was astounding. If one of your friends screws up, part of that whole friendship thing is to be there to listen when and where they want to talk. We hope that this nightmere ends for all involved.

The Olympics Moments with Larry podcast series was my reviews of the ten days of the track & field at the Rio Olympics. The day ten was focused on the men's marathon and the amazing story for that very last day. The performances in Olympic Track & Field hid the very poor planning and arrogance of the IOC. The sport shined in Rio, with great performances and acts of athleticism.

Kipchoge-Lilesa-Rupp1-OlyGame16.jpgEliud Kipchoge, Desisa Lelisa, Galen Rupp, Rio 2016, photo by

Special thanks to my brother, Brian Eder, who survived ten days with me. Also special thanks to The Shoe Addicts, who produced previews of each day, Moments of Larry and Mo & Larry show all during the stunning days of Rio.

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