DSC07644.jpgElle Purrier, Gabriella Stafford DeBues, Jemma Reeke, 2020 NYRR Millrose, Feb. 8, 2020, photo by Cortney White

RunBlogRun opines: Jeff Benjamin is both fan and scribe. During the meet, at a frenetic pace, Jeff sent photos and texts on each of the Magic 13 events at Millrose, plus some of the other fine events of the evening. Jeff's note to me was short and sweet: "Millrose Games was the best event indoors, so far, in the 20th century."

The idea on an easy day is to get some work in, but to do it in a way that you can recover. Hydrate, eat well and sleep well.

1_2733.jpgJulian Wanders, RAK half marathon, photo by COLOMBO

Tuesday, Feb. 24, 2020: Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

Hill work is key to your success. The ability to change gears, to handle a tough pace, to stay focused all get developed when you do a proper hill workout.

1_3432.jpgKibiwott Kandie, winner of RAK, photo by COLUMBO

Monday: Hilly run, 50 minutes, include 10 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

ERKpzX-XUAIbIp5.jpgStuart Interviews Ronnie Baker, photo by Stuart Weir

87285616_2391224461138075_8546443851944951808_o.jpgRonnie Baker, photo by LF Photography

Ronnie Baker is the second best global indoor sprinter of 2020. His season, short and sweet, is being covered by Stuart Weir in this column.

87022955_2391224204471434_6294515691751997440_o.jpgNia Ali, photo by LF Photography


Christina Clemons, photo by LF Photography

As Stuart Weir has noted, the 60m hurdle wars have been quite close in the 2020 indoor season. This piece, focuses on WIT Lieven, but also provides a backdrop as we build to Tokyo 2020.

Sunday long runs should be part of any program. Enjoy the time with your friends.

Steeplechase.jpgThe indoor steeplechase was run in Lieven last week, barriers and no water jump! photo by LF photography

Sunday, Feb. 23, 2020: a modest long run, 70-75 minutes

Today is easy, you had 3 tough workouts this week. Enjoy the day!

1_2733.jpgJulain Wanders, ER, half marathon, photo by COLOMBO

Saturday, Feb 22, 2020 Easy 50 minutes, 6 x 150 m strideouts

Yulimar Rojas ended the 2020 World Indoor Tour with a huge TJ of 15.43m, a fabulous new WR! Add to that the fast 6.44 by Ronnie Baker, who is showing exciting fitness and health after some injury troubles.


The Madrid meeting is intimate, and exciting. Sitting on the finish line stretch in 2019, I enjoyed the jumps and pole vault by Ahzelhika Siderova. The 60m hurdles and sprints got the 2,200 fans excited.

2020 was no exception.

This is the seventh and final meeting of the 2020 World Indoor Tour. Some amazing performancers in the final indoor meeting!


1_2979.jpgFancy Chemutai, Brigid Kosgei, photo by Colombo

1_5049.jpgAbabel Yeshaneh sets new WR of 64:31, Brigid Kosgei sets PB of 64:49, both under old HM WR! photo by Colombo

The RAK half marathon is under new management. The new team put together a fine race, with two womern under the world record and some very fast men. The following piece is under EME News.

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