Isaac Makwala ran a 200m/400m double at the Meeting de Atletisimo Madrid, on July 14, 2017, that opened many eyes. At Madrid, Isaac Makwala ran 43.92 for 400 meters, then, a fine 200 meters, at 19.77 (+0.0). The time between the races was 2 hours, and 20 minutes.

Much is in dispute, but Isaac Makwala was suspected of being sick with the novovirus or gastrointestinal issues, and he was not allowed to run the final. Suffice it to say, this may have been poorly managed, but the intention was to protect two thousand athletes. Using IAAF's own rules, the IAAF allowed Isaac Makwala to run a lonely 200 meters, where he had to break 20.50. He ran 20.20. and 90 minutes later, he ran 20.14.

The next day, Isaac Makwala did not do well in th 200 meter final. In the 4x400 meters, his team dropped a baton, and his chance in the 4x400m was over.

I hope that Isaac Makwala has other days to shine in our sport. I am not a conspiracy theorist. I felt that Isaac Makwala had, a series of very bad days. Sometimes, that happens to athletes before they have a great performance.

We wish Isaac Makwala many healthy days in our sport and perhaps, even, a medal or two that he deserves, but as well all know, it all has to be there on the race day!

A very exuberant Isaac Makwala placing 2nd in his 200m semi-final. #London2017 #IAAFWorlds

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I really, truly, wanted to interview Hero the Hedgehog. He was the only athlete that I missed at the London 2017 World Champs was Hero. This was not some person dressed up in a costume. No, sir! Hero the Hedgehog, was apparently, a former NBC cheerleader!

If you wanted the moves, the somersaults, the zip line, the other crazy adventures, Hero got everyone involved, including the one and only Usain Bolt.

Most importantly, Hero spanned the needs of the crowd, between goofiness and amazing athleticism for person in a hedgehog costume.

Well, now that I have appalled most of my readers, I will get to the next subject!

Brittney Reese competes in the long jump like no other. With the likes of Ivana Spanovic, Tianna Bartoletta and Dariya Klishina (also Lorraine Ugen), the womens' LJ is one of the intruiging events on the circuit.

Brittney Reese needed to jump 7.02m to gain her gold medal, her fourth outdoors! Dariya Klishina had her best jump in six years, with a 7.00m, and Tianna Bartoletta, after two months of personal hell, and difficult long jump, where she only got her step down on jump five, took the bronze by one centimeter!

I want to come back to Brittney Reese. I have known Brittney for years. I absolutely love her athleticism, and her ability to compete, event after event. She is an absolutely fun interview. I did not know, until Brittney's recent post, that some racists pigs were sending her social media junk that is hateful. Brittney posted a few on the social media world and it outraged me. Brittney uses those responses as motivation.

Thinking of how classy that Brittney Reese has always been and how she stays. Consider this: Brittney has won gold and silver in Olympics, four golds in World Outdoors and three golds in world indoors! She is the long jump goddess!

Willis-Engels-Falmouth17.JPGNick Willis and Craig Engels duel at NB Falmouth Mile, photo by

WELLINGTON (NZL): Nick Willis is aiming to contest the 1500m and 5000m at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast next April, informs the New Zealand Herald. "I'm hoping October, November and December I can keep a consistent 100-105 mile week average going until Christmas, and that should lay a really good foundation to have a crack at a successful 5000/1500 double at the Commonwealth Games. It's something that I have been wanting to do after Rio, but with all my injury setbacks it wasn't even really an option for this year," he said.

Engels_CraigFH-Falmouth17.JPGCraig Engels, Nick Willis, Colby Alexander, NB Falmouth Mile, photo by

Fields_HannahFH-Falmouth17.JPGHannah Fields, photo by

The NB Falmouth Miles have become a memorable part of the NB Falmouth weekend. This is the feature from Race Results Weekly, used with permission, by Chris Lotsbom. We hope you enjoy it!

fale4.JPGBill Rodgers with medals for Falmouth Kids races, photo by Jeff Benjamin

RunBlogRun comments: This is the fourth update on the NB Falmouth weekend. Jeff Benjamin has written each day to the big day, Sunday, August 20, 2017. Enjoy his report on Saturday, August 19. We hope you enjoy our coverage of this important New England road race fixture, the New Balance Falmouth Road Race.

It is Sunday and for all those following our nine weeks of weekly training, it is long run day. The run today is seventy minutes. Do it at a pace you can talk at, and put some hills into it, but remember to have fun. Afterwards, cooldown, get into some dry clothes and watch the Birmngham Diamond League meet, as it is the last domestic race for Mo Farah on the track.

Taylor_Kellyn28-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by

Sunday, August 20, 2017, warm up, 70 minutes, in hills, cooldown

Farah_MoFH-London17.jpGMo Farah wins 2017 London 10,000 meters, photo by

Tomorrow is the last domestic track race for Mo Farah. It will be an emotional race, for both the athlete and his fans. Birmingham has a great history in putting together a fine meeting. EME news, as they do each meeting, provided some quick predictions below for Sunday in Birmingham!

IMG_9801.JPGAnd they're off! photo by Mary Hawkins

This is part 3 of Jeff Benjamin's NB Falmouth Diary. We hope that you enjoy it!

RunBlogRun opines: Johannes Vetter and Thomas Rohler are two fine German throwers. I was fortunate to meet them in Doha this past May 2017. Vetter, the newly crowned World Champion and Rohler, the Olympic champion, continue to duel.
Vetter_JohannesW-WorC17.jpgJohannes Vetter, WC javelin, photo by
As Vetter continues to throw the javelin closer and closer to the sun, the fans love it. How much farther can Mr. Vetter throw this season? Give him some good weather and lets find out!
Vetter 93.88 in javelin
THUM (GER, Aug 18): At the 14th edition of Thum Throwing Meet javelin World champion Johannes Vetter confirmed his shape with 93.88 win in front of 3000 spectators. It is second best result of his career and also of 2017. He started with 81.24, then the top mark followed. Vetter ended the competition with another great throw 91.67. He still plans three more competitions next week Zurich DL Final, Bad Kostritz and Berlin. Olympic winner Thomas Rohler achieved 86.21 and beat World bronze medalist Petr Frydrych of Czech Republic who got 81.11. Nadine Muller won women discus 62.11 ahead of Anna Ruh 60.11. Local star David Storl (his coach Sven Lang is the main organiser) won the shot put with excellent 21.45 and was only 4 cm behind his meet record. Second Tsanko Arnaudov 20.82 and third Jacko Gill 20.72. Shot put was then stopped after four rounds due to heavy rain.

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