The day after a hard workout, one must be easy on the body. Warm up well, do your run and strideouts, focus on some core work, and then, cool down, long and with thoroughness. Drink lots of water too.

IMG_5139.jpgStride outs, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Friday, Feb 22. 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Bekele_KenenisaPC-Berlin17.jpgKenenisa Bekele, photo by
Bekele withdraws from Tokyo Marathon
TOKYO (JPN): Kenenisa Bekele has pulled out of the Tokyo Marathon on 3 March due to a stress fracture. "Bekele has a stress fracture and it takes time to make sure it will heel for 100%. He is very motivated to get fit again and focus on a new goal, but unfortunately he will need more time for that," read a statement from the organisers. Other withdrawals include Kenya's Marius Kipserem from the men's race and Ethiopia's Feysa Tadese and Japan's Yuka Ando from the women's race.
runblogrun opines: In Bekele's last marathon, he dropped out with 2k to go. He has been less that a big hit with marathon directors, who pay him loads of money to see him fail spectacularly. Mr. Bekele has the talent to run a 2:02 marathon. It is all about his body holding up to the training. At one point, his manager, Jos Hermans, noted that Bekele did not respect the marathon. Today, it is all about his body reminding him that 42.2 kilometers at 2:52-2:54 is something only a few can do. We applaud Bekele pulling out. He needs a great performance now. Only he will know when that is coming.

Ta Lou 7.02 WL, J. Ingebrigtsen 3:36.02 World U20 indoor record
DUSSELDORF (GER, Feb 20): Final meet of the 4th IAAF World Indoor Tour PSD Bank Meeting (capacity crowd 2000 spectators) was highlighted by 60 m World Lead 2019 (and meet record with PB) 7.02 by Marie-Josee Ta Lou who after season best 7.14 in heats gave the first loss of 2019 to Ewa Swoboda 7.10. Another top higlight was the men´s 1500 m where winning Jakob Ingebritgsen achieved not only World U20 record but also national record 3:36.02. Second in his first loss ever indoors at 1500 m WR holder Samuel Tefera 3:36.34 and third Filip Ingebritgsen indoor PB 3:38.62. Asian high jump duel saw Naoto Tobe remaining unbeaten indoors 2019 and winning on count back over Yu Wang, both 234, for Chinese national indoor record and overall PB, also meet record for both. Anzhelika Sidorova set a meet record of 4.77m to win the Tour title in the pole vault. Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou was second with 4.67m, five centimetres more than third-placed Ekaterini Stefanidi.
IMG_6962.JPGThe view from media stand, 2019 PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf, 20 Feb 2019, photo by Larry Eder
Controversy surrounded the heats of 60 m hurdles as Jarret Eaton was disqualified for a false start, while Orlando Ortega after similar starting reaction at 0.07 (0.10 allowed) level in the second was allowed to run and ultimately progress despite initially being shown a red card for a false start. After protest the final was moved to after high jump slot and Ortega beat Milan Trajkovic of Cyprus by 0.003 (7.515 to 7.518). Habitam Alemu secured maximum points in the Tour with another win in the 800m. Clocking 2:00.70 she convincingly stretched away from Shelayna Oskan-Clarke (2:02.25). Oscar Husillos won the first 400m final in 46.96, but his result was surpassed in the second final by Nathan Strother (46.48) who became Tour winner and Pavel Maslak (46.73). Yulimar Rojas secured the all-but-certain tour win in the triple jump, registering 14.46m to beat Patricia Mamona (14.22m) into second. Outside of the tour events, Su Bingtian was a convincing winner of the 60m, just outside of his world lead with 6.49, with Bryce Robinson second and Mike Rodgers third, both in 6.57. Also not on the tour, the two 800m races were won by Andreas Kramer (1:48.19) and Alvaro de Arriba (1:46.63) respectively. German Christina Schwanitz confirmed her tour win with another first place in shot put (19.14).

The PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf was a fine ending to the season. The IAAF World Indoor Circuit had six stops in 2019, beginning with Boston on January 26, Karlsruhe on Feb. 2, Torun on Feb.6, Madrid on Feb.8, Birmingham on Feb. 16, and now, Dusseldorf on Feb.20. Each meet got better, and so did the athletes.

IMG_6962.JPG2019 PSD Bank Meeting, 20 Feb 2019, photo by Larry Eder

The Dusseldorf meeting was excellent. Eleven finals, plus some local events, and an enthusiastic crowd! Each final had something of interest to fans. The site was intimate, exciting and well organized. And we have had rave reviews of the streaming video.

To check out the complete streaming program, please go here:

Here's my quick tour of the Sporthalle Dusseldorf :

Thursday was one of my favorite days to workout in high school. We did lots of 300 meter repeats and 200m repeats. The following workout I recall completing 4-6 times each spring. In my junior year of high school, i finally ran competitive times over 880 yards, mile and 2 mile. I would move with 300m to go and the workouts gave me confidence.

Confidence is key in your daily running, find one thing to commend yourself on each day.

_DSC0529.jpgGreat races are built over many, many workouts, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday, February 21, 2019-warm up, 8 x 400m, 300m jog, (Mile pace) 20 minute run, 8 x 300m jog, (800m pace) 20 minute run, 8 x 300m, (800m pace), 20 minutes run, cooldown

The Sporthalle Dusseldorf is a training facility that gets fine use. It is only fitting that a World Indoor Tour ends on a place that builds the dreams of athletes and fans alike. PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf delivererd with drama, close races and some dominating finishes, portending what could happen later in 2019!

My comments, event by event are coming. Enjoy checking out the complete results!

IMG_6964.JPGPSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf, Feb 20, 2019, photo by

The Live streams of Karlsuhe, Madrid, and now Dusseldorf have been tremendous. An amazing 11 finals tonight, do not miss a moment! The quality is quite high and it shows how much potential this World Indoor Circuit has!

IMG_6963.JPGPSD Meeting Dusseldorf, Feb. 20, 2019, photo by Larry Eder

Thanks to the IAAF, PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf, and my sponsors, USATF and Nike, on supporting our coverage of the 2019 World Indoor Tour!

See you at Staten Island Ocean Breeze AC on Feb. 22, 23, 24!

1130126511.jpgSamuel Tefara, WR, 3:31.04, photo by Getty

This video is on my deep thoughts on the circuit. I did this in Ratigen, at the Ibis Budget Hotel near (well, ten miles/16k) from the Dusseldorf airport. I just wanted to give you my quick thoughts on the IAAF World Indoor Circuit. It is a gem. But, no one knows about it! Little focus on media, and the meets should all be streamed for free around the world on Facebook and You Tube.

The meet will be thrilling tonight. I look forward to sharing it with you! Thanks for supporting us!

The PSD Meeting Presse was held in held in the spacious Vandervalk hotel. The presser lasted 22 minutes and it was quite good. Ekaterina Stefanidi, Christina Schwanitz and Orlando Ortega were interviewed.

Ekaterine Stefanidi is always a fun interview, and she noted, quite realistically that Anzehlika Siderova has to be out of the top 2, OR, Katerina has to score a PB to win the IAAF Tour title.

2019 PSd Presser .PNG2019 PSD Presser, Katerina Stefanidi, Christina Schwanitz, Orlando Ortega, Feb 19, 2019, photo by Larry Eder

Christina Schwanitz has a bit of a cough, and she did not want to speak in English. My only beef here is that with media like myself from around the world, there should be translation in German und English! If one wants to promote the series, then, one must speak in the global media/marketing language!

Orlando Ortega spoke in English, and his English is getting better. He knows that he can not win, but he sure wants a sub 7.50!

Stay tuned!

As part of the Tour de Larry, I have included my hotels and travels. I have stayed at discount hotels or used last minute to get a good deal. This is the Ibis Budget Airport Dusseldorf, about ten miles and world apart from Dusseldorf. It is modest, and just what I needed, and 3 nights costs less than 1 night in HQ hotel (one of the 3).

Rojas_Yulimar-WORLDi18.jpgYulimar Rojas, photo by

I took this video in the morning after a great night sleep, and thought you might enjoy it, from my hotel and hotel window. It does look like Wisconsin countryside, which I miss immensely.

Watch for the presser, which will be my next post.

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