Sydney McLaughlin is a future athletic superstar...

New Balance signed her a year ago, and they sure are getting value from the relationship.

Thanks to Mike Deering / The Shoe addicts, for filming and shooting the video and photos for RunBlogRun.

DSC07488.jpgSydney McLaughlin, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

First, she is both a silver WC Medalist at 400m hurdles, her best event, and gold medalist at the 4x400m, due to her 400m prowess.

On top of that, she is a media star. Attractive, athletic, relaxed with the media and popular in the social media world, Sydney is a natural for modern media, music, video and all of the social media world.

She is, in my mind, the finest young athlete of her generation, and could surpass Gail Devers and Allyson Felix for most Olympic teams made in athletics.

Part 3 of the 2020 NB Indoor Presser was hurdle star Nia Ali and sprint star Trayvon Bromell.

Nia Ali is one of the finest women hurdlers ever. She took gold in the 2019 World Championships, as well as the 2016 and 2014 World Indoors, in Portland (2016) and Sopot (2014) respectively. in 2016, Nia took silver in the 100m hurdles. Her PB at the 100m hurdles is 12.34, and at 60m hurdles is 7.80. She is a most talented athlete.

DSC07482.jpgNia Ali and Trayvon Bromell, photo by Mike Deering/ The Shoe Addicts

Trayon Bromell is a fine 100m sprinter, coming back from injury. He was the bronze medalist in 2015 Beijing, and 2016 gold medalist at Portland World Indoor. In a fall at the line in the 4x100m in Rio in 2016, Trayvon leaped to the bronze, and injured his achilles. He is on the comeback road.

This video was shot by Mike Deering /The Shoe Addicts for RunBlogRun.

The second part of the 2020 New Balance Indoor GP presser three top male middle distance runners:

Jake Wightman is one of the finest middle distance runners at 800m/1,500m. Jake finished 5th in the 2019 Doha World Outdoors, and 6th in the 2018 World Indoors 1,500m. In 2018, at the European Outdoors, Jake finished third in the 1,500m. Jake Wightman takes a long kick approach to the 1,500m.

Bryce Hoppel had a 18 race win streak in NCAA competitions, took 3rd in US championships and 4th in the World Championships. Bryce Hoppel has a frighteningly fast final 200m.

DSC07477.jpgJake Wightmn, Bryce Hoppel, Donavan Brazier, photo by Mike Deering / The Shoe Addicts

Donavan Brazier is the AR holder forr 800m at 1:42.34 and 2019 World Champion. He is becoming one of the finest 800m in athletics history.

This presser features three guys who like to talk track!

Special thanks to Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts on this video.

One of the best ways to learn about athletes is to see them speak outside of the arena or stadium. RunBlogRun asked The Shoe Addicts' Mike Deering to film all of the presser at the 2020 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix.

This first interview was Emma Coburn (2016 Rio silver, 2017 London gold, and 2019 Doha silver), steeplechase and Konstanz Klausterhalfen. Emma has build herself into one of the top two steeplechasers on the globe. Her silver medal in 2019 showed the American steeplechaser at highest level of racing fitness. Her coach/husband Joe Bosshard has built a small training team that focuses on elite athletics. Emma is building for Tokyo.

DSC07469.jpgEmma Coburn and Konstanz Klausterhalfen, with Geoff Wightman, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Kontstanz Klausterhalfen is the World Champion 5000m bronze medalist and European silver indoor rmedalist at 3000m. She trained with Nike Oregon Project, but since it was disbanded, she is currently being coached by Pete Julian.

This presser was filmed at the Lennox Hotel on January 24, 2020. Special thanks to Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Asian indoor champs cancelled

KUALA LUMPUR (MAS): The Asian Athletics Association (AAA) had called off the 9th Asian Indoor Athletics Championships scheduled from Feb 12-13 at Hanzhou, China due to the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak. AAA Council Member, Karim Ibrahim said the Asian athletics governing body made the decision through an emergency telephone conference on Sunday evening following the global outbreak of the virus which originated from Wuhan in the Chinese mainland. World Athletics is monitoring the situation in regard to World Indoor Championships in Nanjing, China. The National Stadium in Beijing is among several public buildings to have been closed by Chinese authorities. Several road races in China are getting cancelled (Hong-Kong Feb 9, Wuxi marathon March 22), informs Carole Fuchs.

RunBlogRun wonders what this means for Nanjing 2020. Concerns that Chinese government has reacted to the coronavirus slowy. The World Athletics will have, with visa work alone, decide on fate of event within 2 weeks. Stay tuned.


Focus on the hills, and no longer than 200m. Jog down and repeat.

IMG_0678.jpgBethwell Birgen battles Ed Cheserek, photo by Mike Deering/ The Shoe Addicts

Monday: Hilly run, 50 minutes, include 8 uphill runs of 2 minutes each, cooldown

I0000BGLgOoIqWSM.jpgKonstance Klausterholfen, 1,500m, with Jessica Hull, photo by Kevin Morris

The stands in the Reggie were going up and down on Saturday night as the first stop of the World Indoor Tour filled the Reggie Lewis Center for the twenty fifth time in twenty five years.

This is the complete results, but watch for our features on Monday.

Top perfomances were from Donavan Brazier and Bryce Hoppel, with a fantastic run by Jessica Hull in the 1,500m!

More to come!

I0000K4Kms.IzmH4.jpgThe women's 3000m, photo by Kevin Morris

The long run is such a component of modern long distance training that some take it for granted. It puts stress on the body, and should be followed by at least a moderate day.

I00007Sx5.fGcz9E.jpgLucy Jenks won the NB Junior Girls Mile, photo by Kevin Morris

Sunday: 60-65 minute run with friends

World championship 4th placer Bryce Hoppel will be competing in the 1000m tonight at 7:32 PM. Bryce had an astonishing 2019, and as he begins his road to Tokyo 2020, is racing 5 laps in the Reggie!

127_photo_badge.jpgBryce Hoppel, photo by Global Athletics & Marketing

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